Safety and Quality Assurance

Byers, Inc. holds safety as a number one priority.  The ultimate goal of safety in  the planning stage is to design the work in which hazards are eliminated or controlled.  The developing, directing, and maintaining of a well planned safety and loss prevention program; requiring participation by management and supervision at all levels.  By sustaining a continuing attitude, our program will permit the effective, accident free use of human and economic resources for better production of our projects.

Zero injuries are an acceptable goal.  A conscientious safety program will succeed only if each individual is an active participant.  We will enforce our safety program on the job and require contractors to comply with it, as well as the client and owner's safety programs.  Each contractor must submit his safety plan and designate one member on his site supervisory staff to be responsible for safety.

The QA/QC plan will be designed to assure conformance to all drawings and specifications throughout the project.  Our QA/QC services will assure documented variation that the materials used and the work performed conforms to the applicable codes and standards.  We will also coordinate the collection and disposition of all QA documentation in a turnover package. 

Our site representative will identify problems and initiate non-conformance reports so that proper corrective action can be implemented.  These problems include unacceptable workmanship, procedural violations, use of non-approved materials, safety violations, fire hazards, improper material handling and storage practices and others.  Our site representative will participate in the final acceptance and walk-down of all areas prior to final submittal to the owner.

MSHA 46 - OSHA 10 - OSHA 30

Byers Incorporated strives on Safety First. Byers was awarded the Safety Award from the Commonwealth Contractors in 2015 for having 3 Consecutive Injury Free Years.


Work does not begin until Safety and Quality are discussed each and every day!

Matt Hanna
Safety Manager

Office – 540-572-4588 EXT. 315

Wayne Smith
QA / QC  Manager
Office – (540) 572-4588 EXT. 307